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Failed payment recovery

Your typical SaaS business is subscription based and your monthly income can vary. Customers sometimes come and go. It takes time to go through your subscriptions and find whose payment failed and notify them. If you don't every single one of those customers has a higher potential for churning out. You owe it to your employees, your investors, whoever relies on you to reduce the customer churn rate.


You have options, you could implement email notifications from Stripe. Those emails come from Stripe's domain ( and it's highly likely your customer won't recognize it since it's not coming from you. The likelihood of that email ending up being deleted or marked as spam is quite high.

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The next option you have is to pay a developer to implement failed payment notification within your application. Regardless of if you have a developer on the staff to implement, test and monitor this feature can be expensive. Even a relatively inexpensive developer the cost to implement is in the thousands of dollars.

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Another option is to utilize a service that does this for you. We are a Stripe verified partner and through a service called Stripe Connect we area able to send failed payment notifications immediately on your behalf. This is completely transparent to your customers as the emails come directly from your address. We paste no branding or indication of our service. There's no coding required to implement this service. To get started there are only 2 steps and it takes less than 5 minutes. See our getting started video.

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