What is dunning?

What is dunning and do I actually need it? Wikipedia defines dunning as the process of methodically communicating with customers to ensure the collection of accounts receivable. In other words, letting someone know that their payment has failed.

This can happen for all sorts of reasons. Someone used a gas pump whose card reader was compromised. Their wallet got lost in the car and got cancelled when reported to the bank.


There are a plethora of reasons why a payment could fail. It could be that they use an account that has automatic transfers of a specific amount to cover certain expenses. One of the expenses increased leaving insufficient funds to process your payment.

The fact of the matter is that this happens and it's important to notify them in an effective and timely manner. There are services out there that will send notifications to customers of failed payments but it comes from their own domain. None of your customers will ever receive an email from a JustDunning.com email address. We only send messages from an address you select and verify through our simple set up.

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How is it that our messages are more effective? Simple, the message customers receive appear as though it's from you and written by a human. It's not covered in images and all sorts of styling most marketing emails come with. There are a lot of those emails that people don't give the time of day. We've all been there, you click an email, it starts loading and you see the thin border lines around the images loading. Almost immediately you move your mouse towards the delete button. What do we do different?

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In fact the only thing we do is keep it simple. Our email looks no different than one a friend would send. It has a simple subject and a to the point message. Your customer isn't going to need to wait for image to load and have time and have the urge to hit delete. They're going to see a simple, friendly message letting them know something went wrong with their payment.

Example Email

Hey there,

Your most recent payment of $19.00 failed. We will try to complete the payment again but eventually your account could be cancelled. Click here to update your account

Steve, Founder

Just Dunning

In our dashboard area once you've set up your Sender's Signature we will show you what the messages will look like. There's a 14 day free trial and we don't try to hide the cancel button if you're not happy. It's big and red, right on the billing page. We also want to hear your feedback, there's a live chat on the office and that reaches right to us. We're here to support you, make your life easier and make this an investment for your company that provides great returns.