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Recovery failed payments in your sleep

A totally automated way to reduce your churn. Just Dunning links directly to your Stripe account to notify and recover your failed payments. Failed payment notification is sent from your email address, your wording, your logo.

In app notifications

For some users email isn't the best way to notify and recover their failed payment. That's why we meet them where they're at, in your app! Our embeddable widget is simple to place in your app, we will notify them and recover the failed payment right from your page.

  • Works in your application

    In app notifications are easy to setup and you can customize the wording to fit your brand.

  • Peace of mind for your users

    Email with a link to a page that's not yours to update payment methods doesn't sit well with most. With Just Dunning all that happens within YOUR site.

Widget Example

More than just failed payments

We provide essential tools to reduce and recover subscription cancellations at no additional charge.

  • Cancellation Analytics

    When one of your customers choses to cancel their subscription we collect their reason for you.

  • Cancellation Recovery

    When a cancellation analytics request is sent to your customer you can now offer your customers a discount to stay with you. For example you could offer your monthly customers 30% off for the next 3 months to stay with you while their subscription is still in the cancelling phase. If they chose to stay we'll apply the discount and set the subscription to no longer cancel.

Cancellation Recovery Example

A better way to prevent churn

Failed card payments hurting your business? We work to keep your customers payment method up to day, even in your own app!.

  • Easy to setup, simple and customizable.

    You'll be up and running in 5 minutes. We give you the right amount of customization to meet your needs without being overwhelming.

  • Totally white labeled

    Your customer doesn't see Just Dunning, they see your brand, your logo, your message.

Failed Payment Example

These amazing startups use Just Dunning to effortlessly combat churn

Wingman Tracker
Savvy House Hunting


You can't afford to not have us recover your failed payments.

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  • Failed payment recovery

  • Embeddable widget

  • Cancellation Analytics

  • Cancellation Recovery

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“I've been having a great experience with Just Dunning. Not only has it recovered thousands in lost subscription revenue for me, but the founder is super responsive and has almost immediately implemented a few of my requests. This is SaaS done right.”

Frequently asked questions

What is dunning?

Communicating with your customers to ensure their failed payment is recovered.

Do I need to be able to code?

No. All you have to do is authorize your Stripe account (click a button, log into your Stripe account and then click accept). For in-app notifications you will need to paste a snippet of code in your site's head tag but that's basically copy and paste.

Doesn't Stripe offer this?

Stripe offers a very basic option which that is not white labelled and not nearly as easy to setup. Stripe is amazing and the team there is very talented. We're here because of the great need for failed payment recovery that's both very simple to setup and designed to effortlessly enhance your business.

How does it work?

You link your Stripe account through a simple OAuth process, setup an email signature. The rest happens in the background. Stripe notifies us through an encrypted message called a webhook that gets delivered to the Just Dunning Application. We then take appropriate action to recover the failed payment on your behalf.

What happens when someone gets a new card from their bank?

When a card expires and is replaced by the bank, at times this doesn't affect the subscription. Sometimes Stripe is able to obtain the updated card information automatically. This isn't always the case though. When the automatic update isn't available, we notify that customer before the card expires to keep the subscription active and your recurring revenue high.

What is SCA?

The EU recently passed a requirement that recurring payments require an additional authorization (3D Secure). If you have customers based in the European Economic area this applies to you.

My checkout doesn't support SCA

You very well could have people signing up using their 3D secure cards and your application allows the person access without actually charging their account. We'll contact them on your behalf and complete the authorization automatically.

My checkout does support SCA

You shouldn't have any issues getting 3D secure Subscriptions up and running. If a payment fails and you chose to use our Hosted Forms. We'll make sure to capture a payment method that's authorized for recurring payments.

Is there any way to help prevent payments from failing beforehand?

Starting with our Enhanced plan you get pre-dunning options. These will notify your customers before certain events that could result in failed payment. The only thing better than recovering a failed payment is not having one to begin with.

Do you host a page where my customer can update their card?

We sure do. When we send a failed payment notification to your customer on your behalf, it includes a link to a card update form with your logo on it. There's an example on this page and on your Dashboard when you setup your account. Your customer's payment is updated (in your Stripe account) and we retry the previously failed payment. After successful recovery of the failed payment, the same link redirects to your page, as opposed to the card update form.

What happens if they update their card on my site instead of your hosted page?

Absolutely no difference. Our hosted form updates your Stripe account, just like yours does. Regardless of if your customer uses your form or ours, we make sure to attempt the previously failed payment. We do so all while assuring there won't be any double charges to your customer.

Is there anything you do to prevent failed payment?

Yes, you can opt to send upcoming invoice notifications and card expiring soon notifications.

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